Beginning to RUN!

So, the clean eating is going well. I feel like I have a bit more energy and now I really want to just crack on with fitness.
I’ve been doing the squatting exercise I posted An Easy Exercise To Try (can’t do it everyday as I hurt too much the next day – so doing every other day)
As I recently signed up for the Bupa Great Manchester Run I thought its about time I started training. So, I’ve just signed up to a running training plan online and I hope to stick to it… first run on Wednesday.


My goal is to post the chart next week and have a week of green squares 🙂

I’m excited to exercise now… I also have a scary warrior circuit class on Friday that I’ve signed up for!

An Easy Exercise To Try!

Well, it has been an eventful week and I haven’t had 2 mins to sit and blog… but, here I am now!

I have been enjoying fun exercises this week and yes, I said fun!

Firstly, a good friend and an amazing PT taught me this one. It kills and I still can’t finish the song!! You get a high tempo song (eg Barbara Streisand – Duck Sauce) and you do 1min static squat followed by 30 sec to 1 min of hitting heals and clapping hands above head… repeat to end of song… Usually about 6 mins. Sounds easy, but it’s a killer. I’m trying to do it at least once a day this week!
This is a link to the video of Jen demonstrating the move above click here

Secondly, I have been trying to get into running. I found buying new shoes gave me some motivation to run. For me it’s about a fun outfit that when I stick it on, I just want to move!

Sleep now and I promise more blogging tomorrow!

It’s Saturday!

Well, at long last… It’s Saturday!

I’m going to catch up on flicking through blogs today on exercises and see what I find. As I mentioned in a reply to a comment on my last blog entry, I struggle finding exercises for certain muscle groups and having a structured plan. I know once I get into it it’ll become easier, but it’s the initial understanding what exercise is working what that’s getting me down a little bit and standing in my way. I know that to most of you, that it probably is a natural thing to see/do an exercise and know if that’s working your back/arms/legs etc but I really struggle on this.

I’m heading the park today babysitting my 3 year old nephew… I try to get a mini work out while there! We play running, where we run about together and then my nephew counts to tell me my random 3 years olds time that it takes me to run a lap of the park. Apparently my range is 20seconds to 12 hours!
Then when I lift him on the monkey bars, I have a go afterwards and try to do pull ups on them. I still can’t do a pull up… but I keep trying!

Following this, on Sunday I’m going to hit the road and run with my brother. Both my brothers are very sporty. Both play football (soccer to those in US 🙂 ) to a high level and both hit the gym. The eldest one loves running too, so he is taking me out on Sunday to run about 5k. I am assuming running is a good form of cardio workout for when I’m not in the gym. I’m always keen to run, but then after 1 min I’m normally knackered – luckily my bro pushes me along and keeps me going!

Then when I get back home to my house, ill take my doggy on a nice long walk in the mountains.

Weekend planned!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and work out with a smile in your face because……………………….. its Saturday!

Going Well…

Still managing to eat clean, I feel better and I actually feel less bloated – will do measurements on Saturday and see if there are any changes.

I found blueberry tea today – oh wow, it’s delicious 🙂

Ordered some more of my tea pigs green tea too, it’s the only green tea I like!

I need to get some recipes up over the weekend, I’ve had a few tasty things this week that I must share.

I needed some help putting together a good plan for when I’m at the gym and so I took a look over a few blogs that you guys pointed me in the direction of (thanks ☺) I have to say that Bensheathhealth and MusclesByMia were a real help… thanks for the inspiration and tips 🙂

Right, off to fill the hot water bottle and bob into bed… Night night all 🙂

Training tips please!

Another good day!

Started the day with Greek yoghurt and blueberries, carrot and coriander soup for dinner, snacked on almonds and had eggs and salad for tea.
I am getting headaches though, putting this down to cutting out the caffeine again… last time it lasted for a week, so hopefully it’ll subside soon.
I also keep getting a mad chocolate urge… I don’t normally eat much chocolate, so not sure why I keep craving it! Grabbing fruit instead to kill the sweet craving.

So, on a side note… My car has a flat tyre, so will be up at 5.30 to change tyre before work tomorrow. Annoying thing is, I’m selling my car in 2 weeks… these things always happen don’t they 🙂
It will be entertaining, never changed a tyre before… I suppose it’s a little weight training pre work!

Heading the gym tomorrow, I really struggle getting a good routine together. Can anyone help?
I norm do 10 mins on the rower, 30 mins running, then I hit the free weights. This is where I struggle though because I don’t have a ‘routine’.
At home I have the confidence to do more but in the gym I get a little lost and really need a plan to stick to. I never know what muscle groups to work… or even which exercise works which muscle.
If anyone has any good tried and tested plans, please, please, please share!

Day one: done!

Well, today went well. Feeling upbeat and positive 🙂

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with blueberries and some banana
Dinner: ‘clean’ tomato and basil salad
Tea: hard boiled eggs in a spinach salad made by me 🙂
Snacks: almonds, raisins
Drinks: water, green tea, mint tea

I don’t feel hungry and I’m ready to tackle tomorrow!

Got some new recipes to try out, if they rock then I will share them for you to try too… sorry for the shortness of this post, but I need to sleeeeeeep 🙂

Day 1 of a new start!

Hi Readers,

I am starting this new blog to motivate myself to lose some weight, get fit and find inspiration in others. Please jump on board with comments / suggestions / ideas.

I will be posting ‘clean eating’ recipes that are tried and tested and some work outs for us all to try.

I will also be posting motivational images and links to all good things to read and enjoy on the net.

Take care and happy fitness to you all!